Breakfast Sandwich Bliss

As I get older I seem to have an internal clock that refuses to let me sleep past dawn...this year 4:59 seems to be the repetitive alarm that goes off.  This morning when I woke up, rather than snuggle in with my husband for an extra hour or 2, I decided to wander into the kitchen to do what I love to do most on these mornings I am up far earlier than I need to be...COOK!

Since it's Lent, my husband and I do not eat meat on Fridays.  He isn't the most adventurous breakfast eater, so to ensure that he gets a healthy breakfast in him I like to make him his new favorite find...Egg White Sandwiches.  Today I threw together what we had in the fridge....

Organic Roma Tomatoes
Farm Fresh Egg Whites
Boar's Head Horseradish Cheddar 
Cholula Hot Sauce
Seedy Rye 

Here's a picture!  What are your favorite ingredients to have in a breakfast sandwich?


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