Taco Time Tonight @Tokio_Pub!

TPub is bringing out the big guns this fall with tons of fun new changes 
and starting tonight they unleash their Social Media Secret Weapon... 

Tonight Tokio Pub hosts their Taco Time event where they will be showcasing mouthwatering dishes off their Izakaya Menu...all the chosen plates with feature their Latin Fusion fun and the menu is something to salivate over!  The dishes they will be serving up include their outstanding Pork Belly Nachos, Perfect Green Cilantro Salad, Rice & Beans, a Signature Dessert, and the kicker..."ALL YOU CAN EAT" Steak, Pork, Fish... & Chicken Tacos! On top of all the delicious food, guests get two drink tickets they can use towards Coronas, Margaritas or Sangria!! Parties from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and the priced at $25 per person (not including tax and gratuity).

This event is just the beginning of the TPUB Taco Themed Fun!  Taco Time at Tokio Pub will launch into a series of Taco Time celebrations this Fall- where for one hour, one day a week, tacos will be available for just $1! Tokio Pub fans will be notified when it’s Taco Time via Facebook, Twitter, Tokio Pub’s website & mobile club. So keep your social media feelers tuned into Tokio Pub so you can get in on the Taco Deals every week!!

For more info about the event, call Tokio Pub directly at: 847.278.5181 
or visit the website at www.tokiopub.com!


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