I Always Win the Raffle...

I'm not always big on entering contests or giveaways often, which is comical considering I am the type of person that always wins the raffle....perhaps my sub conscious feels it is protecting my record, either way most of the time I feel the effort is better spent accomplishing something, rather than obtaining another FREE item I'll throw in the closet.......However, in an attempt to become more savant like when it comes to saving, I have decided to sport my savvy raffle winning mojo & be more conscious of these #Giveaways I always see on Twitter....

Here's a 1st attempt for me to get into giveaways, and how appropriate that this fellow food blogger was participating in her very first Foodie Giveaway!!!  It also did not hurt that the prize is a beautiful bottle of handmade Olive Oil or Vinegar from The Olive Tap!  

Since I'm not afraid of a little competition, I urge you to enter as well:  The Daily Dish Giveaway

Think you've got what it takes to beat this lucky lady?


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