Delicious in 10 min...five if you're a seasoned scrambler.

I love eggs.  I love them every which way, and some mornings I wake up & the first thing I think about is how badly I want a nice soft scrambled egg with toast to use as the vehicle in which it enters my mouth.  As I try to keep my girlish figure so often in between my feasting sessions: simplification, healthy, delicious= all the things I try to incorporate when I make my meals throughout the week.  I have found having eggs for more than just breakfast makes for a quick & satisfying warm your tummy dinner or lunch.  This scramble is a creation that I covet, even though it is simple & obvious.  Enjoy & hope you find this little week night bite to fulfill all your cravings while keeping your waistline.  

Feta & Spinach Scramble

2 Eggs
1 Cup Spinach
2 Scallions
1-2 Tbs Butter
Salt & Pepper

Note: Do not over salt this dish, because feta is a very salty cheese that will lend a lot of seasoning.

Start by chopping your scallions & sauteing them in the butter on medium high heat.  After 1-2 minutes add your spinach, I used leaf spinach that I tore up to make it easier to cook.  Season with salt & pepper and saute the spinach until it stars to wilt. 

Crack & scramble your eggs and season with a little salt & fresh pepper.  Stir around for a second, turn your heat down to medium & cook your eggs turning every 20-30 seconds.  As it starts to come together add in your feta crumbles & finish cooking until your preferred style, I like mine soft but cooked through.  I served this with dark rye & sliced Roma's with kosher salt, delicious pairing!  Now how easy was that??? 


  1. That sounds delicious! I love poached eggs! I do the microwave method when I'm in a hurry!

  2. I'm thinking I may have to make it this week. Looks yummy!

  3. love this scrambled egg recipe will try it for sure

  4. Yummo! I have never thought to put feta in my scrabbled eggs! I always stick with cheddar or mozzarella. I am totally going to try this! Thanks!


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