Taking over the world one pot roast at a time...

The beginning of a New Year, a new day & a new project...my finally, not quite ready, nor near perfect blog, that I am unveiling ready or not!  So without further review, let me begin my...

Culinary show & tell that's sure to tempt your tastebuds.

I’ve come to realize that my life seems to unfold one mystery at a time, somewhat like the layers of a freshly baked puffed pastry that pucker & pop in the heat of a warm & enticing oven.  The point I feel I have found myself at is the true beginning, the point when the puff pastry is freshly thawed & full of possibility…only in my eyes, my life resembles anything but the unimpressive cold demeanor of white raw dough.  With the culmination of 2010 behind me, it's as if I can already taste the buttery layers,  although I am quite sure I am just heating up.

My name is Gina Lolita Frank & I am Starting from Scratch…which is also the name of my budding business, thanks to the wit and creativity of my amazing fiance Marc.  Starting from Scratch is the name of my food based company, the first heavy footprint of many I plan to take.  Many would think this is the point where I should tell you all about my background & how I got to where I am; however, there is much to tell & if you want to see how this cook was hand crafted...you will just have to follow me on my journey through all things delicious.

I have visions like sugar plums that dance through my head when I think about all the things I plan to accomplish & share with you…only in my dreams they would be strawberries drizzled with tangerine-laced aged balsamic.  I am so excited to share my love of food with you & journey together as I take over the world one pot roast at time. 


  1. I look forward to reading your blog. I'm sure it will be all yummy goodness. Best wishes in 2011 and your new endeavor.

  2. Happy New Year @tastetress! Looking forward to reading about the things you eat/cook/devour. Did you make the pot roast in the pic above? Cuz it looks amazing (pot roast is #4 in my top 5 favorite comfort foods). Good luck and write on! (get it? "write on"? oh, never mind)

  3. Happy New Year to you as well @ray_pad! I unfortunately did not make that pot roast...but I will be sure to shout out at you when I do attempt to recreate that beauty above. Happy Eating & Thanks for your support!


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