If variety is the spice of life...I am definitely overseasoned.

"The beginning is the most important part of the work." -Plato

When many start a story, they believe they are starting at the beginning...but I find that most starting points come from a place long & far from the moment we actually make the decision to embark on any journey.  In a nutshell...don't forget the path you have taken, because it has given you the courage to initiate a personal transformation.

My childhood in regards to food was an adventure.  Growing up I was exposed to an extremely wide variety of cultures, flavors & traditions.  My Mother is originally from Chicago & grew up in a famed Italian neighborhood on the West Side.  She is a beautiful mix of Italian, Armenian, & Assyrian...and yes, she can cook.  She owns a successful business called Mezzaluna where she holds classes as a Private Cooking Instructor specializing in Regional Italian & Mediterranean Cuisine.  Prior to my ability to remember, my parents owned a small Italian Restaurant in Texas where I was born, and here's where it gets interesting.  On the latter end of my upbringing is my father.  My Dad is a Texan Air Force Brat who previously lived in Korea among other regions of the world...think Chicken Fried Steak, Chalupas & Homemade Kimchi buried in the backyard.  Are you getting it yet?  My dinner table was a melting pot & pleasing all palettes was a feat in itself.  While my parents were definitely the largest part of influence for me, they were introductions to a large list of foodies in my family.

Most of my life I have been surrounded by my Italian Grandmother's family stocked with caterers, restaurant owners, & cooks.  My Nonni is the kind of lady who literally requires a drum-roll: Lolita Tunno Sayadian was a grand woman who I believe exposed a passion in me that was apparent when I was very young.  My Nonni would cook for hours teaching me all the techniques she knew.  When it was time to sit, she would put me on her bed with a slew of cookbooks while I watched endless hours of cooking shows on a small network that shared time with Comedy Central, this network would later be known to all as the Food Network.  I was hooked on a feeling she brought forth in me, and the rest was history.  

My experiences are gifts I have been blessed with and those experiences have molded my perception of flavor in a truly dynamic way.  Together we will share stories, recipes, places to eat, & products to use.  I offer an opportunity to see through my eyes and I hope you learn great things along my side as I travel through the world of food.  Together we will dine, cook, eat & happily repeat.