Don't let that empty fridge fool may be the road to your next best dish.

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” 
- Joseph Campbell

We've all had this day.  You are late getting out the door this morning and happen to be low on gas.  Upon your tardy arrival you are welcomed with a questionable eye from your boss & to ice the cake, someone has taken the last cup of joe.  Your day has started terribly and some how the rest of your day just seems to follow suit, am I right?  You make it home exhausted and look in the fridge...looks like a closet full of clothes that offers you "nothing to wear."  These empty fridges disguise themselves with sparsely adorned  condiments & sketchy produce, but I not let your fridge fool you.  Most people at this turning point would order take out, throw in a frozen pizza, or eat an entire bag of Doritos for dinner, but this is the moment that I urge you to accept the challenge and take a risk in the kitchen.  This is the moment where true cooks are born.

True cooking takes a creative mindset & innovative thought process.  Anyone can take a recipe & make an amazing dish.  If you really want to be the creator in your castle, you must start learning to develop the thought process that allows you to take simple concepts you know & apply them to your own approach.  These roadblocks that present themselves in the kitchen are an offering to take risk & experiment with your ideas.  When I open an empty fridge I sometimes feel like I am accepting an offer to duel, only my fridge does not slap me across the cheek with a glove barking, "CHALLENGE!"  I often get thoroughly excited and that excitement is excellent fuel for creating a delicious dish.  

You maybe thinking, easier said than done.  To help explain this concept better, here's how my thought process works.   

When I peered into my fridge this morning to see what I could make for dinner was literally empty because I am leaving for vacation tomorrow.  Rather than plan to pick up something with the dollars designated for fruity adult bevies on the beach, I decided to take a deeper look.  I almost always have ground sirloin in the freezer: makes for quick chili's & stews in the winter and delicious grilled burgers in the summer.  My mind at this point has taken off running: burgers, chili, shepherd's pie, we're getting there.  I have red potatoes as well, makes for delicious smashed potatoes.  Now I know I am definitely taking this in the direction of meatloaf or shepherd's pie.  Done.  I have an objective, and depending on the peanut gallery, we will make a final decision on one of these recipes later.  

Yes, it may not be that easy for you at first, but you have to start somewhere.  Becoming the next best cook takes showing some love to your kitchen, even when it isn't offering you the food you love best.  Before you know it you will be whipping up one of  kind creations yourself.  Only you stand between you & your next best dish, and if you need a hand, you can always turn to The Tastetress.